Something I really love to do is cook. Over the years my baking has transitioned from sugar laded, gluten loaded cakes, to more mindful, and creating sweet delights with quinoa flour, coconut nectar and cacoa nibs. Life is a whole lot sweeter when you don’t feel sick and bloated after a treat, and also not having wild mood swings due to the copious amounts of sugar!!

Also being vegan I have created some little masterpieces in the kitchen. Just today I was being quizzed by some workmates about what I eat. Generally the standard response I get when I say I am vegan is 1) do you eat fish then (um.. no) and 2) so what do you eat then?? This is not uncommon, and I find that once people open their mind to a world without meat and animal products, then a whole new world opens up, with many interesting and healthy foods that most meat-eaters didn’t even know existed.  I know, coz that was me 2 years ago!

So I rattled off the list of the nuts, seeds, fruits, vegies, grains and legumes that I devour each day. They were so interested that a couple have asked me for some of my recipes and meal plans of what I eat each day. This is not the first time i have been asked this, and of course I am MORE than happy to share the vegan/gluten free/healthy eating love!! xx

So here is the first of many recipies I will post on the blog.

Tonight I made this delicious Zucchini ‘Pasta’20130821_174439

1/2 medium zuchinni
1/4 jar of organic pasta sauce (or tinned tomatoes with oregano and garlic)
Assorted pre cooked vegies
Few teaspoons cashew nut cheese*
Herbamere* to taste
Sunflower or coconut oil to cook in

Method :
Using a wide vegetable peeler, slice thin piece of your zucchini long ways. Then using a sharp knife slice into thinner long pieces about 1/2 cm to 1cm wide.

Heat your oil in a fry pan. Cook the zucchini for a few minutes until just starts to soften. You don’t want it to go mushy. In fact you can have this raw. Add your pasta sauce and the vegies. Heat through. Then add a few tea spoons of nut cheese and stir through.

Add Herbamare to taste. Serve while hot.

This makes enough for one smallish dinner.

* I love “Botanical Cuisine Classic Cashew Cheese”, available in Mount Gambier from Ecologie Organics

* Herbamare is a herb salt and is available at Woolies. Adds so much flavour to dishes.