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Ok so those of you who know me in real life, will know that I have been a singer my whole life. I have been involved in a local group called Mayfair for the past 20 years. My little offshoot vocal group called Essence of Mayfair are my pride and joy. Myself and 5 other beautiful ladies, (including my sister) perform a capella, jazz, pop, and all sorts.

We recently entered a local competition run by the ABC, called Exhumed. The tag line – the greatest band’s you’ve never heard of! The idea being that if you are a band or group that just does it for the fun of it, not as a profession or a full time gig, then they wanted to hear from us. We were lucky enough to win our local final, representing the South East area of South Australia.

So now the fun begins! If we are selected, 6 finalists will be a part of a TV show put together by the ABC which will air in from November 2013. In addition to that, the public will vote for their most favourite performers to be crowned as ‘ People’s Choice Winner’. who will get to perform, along with the other 6 bands, at the finale live concert in December.

If you are feeling like this is something you would like to help me out with, please go to and vote for Essence of Mayfair, find us in South Australia

And if you would like to follow us on facebook, go to

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I was so honoured to sing today for our local RSL’s Vietnam Veterans Day service. On a cold Sunday afternoon, in 49km hour winds and trees threatening to drop more limbs around us, we gathered to remember.

A little gathering like this really puts things into perspective. While most of us were shivering and worried about our hair blowing around, there were 3 families in our midst who actually lost family members, killed in action in Vietnam. When I watched brothers, mother’s and widowed wives laying wrethes on the monument, I had tears in my eyes. It was so humbling and moving.

And when you recall the way in which our soldiers were ” welcomed” home, the appalling abuse they suffered, because of our Governments decision to join in the war, it makes days like this all the more special.

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