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Here we are rehearsing Just the way you are/Only just a dream mashup a few weeks ago. We performed this at our local Eistedfodd and we won first place! And yes that is me with the long scarf in the middle.


Two of my favorite things, sunshine and green tea.I’m Al, 35 year old mumma of a spirited 5 year old boy. I love yoga, singing, enjoy eating with love and respect for my body and all creatures. I’m vegan and gluten free. I’m a wellness and spirit junkie.

I love nothing more than sitting with my toes in the sunshine, my son on my lap and a cuppa close by.

Suddenly, I had an urge to write more than what Instagram would allow or encourage. And I didn’t want to pour out my heart on Facebook and seem like I wanted a response. So I’m here, doing a blog. I tried this many years ago, when my son was only a new born, and I was going through post natal distress. It was a good way of getting my thoughts down and feel like I was having a conversation of sorts. It was healing. And I actually found it, if you care to read it,go to.

Now 5 years later that seems like a life time ago. I am in a fabulous head space, almost 30 kilos lighter, a vegan (who still eats eggs but I’m working on that), a dedicated yogi and fabulously healthy and happy. So here are my thoughts, about everything and anything really, enjoy xx


Love Al xx