Just a quick little post to let you all know about a wonderful idea to try to change your eating habits, or re affirm existing habits during September.

A wise lady once told me “it’s not the fat in food that will kill you, it’s the sugar”

We have been told for years that fat is bad. Ok sure some forms of fat are, eg trans fat, BUT sugar is the big danger. In the worst case it causes cancer. Some forms of artificial sweetener cause Parkinsons Disease. On a day to day level, it stuffs with your hormones, making you prone to wildly swinging moods, inability to concentrate, memory loss, getting really angry and feeling depressed and just generally crabby. So why eat it when there are perfectly good alternatives out there for us! It is the refined sugar that is the killer.

I am an avid instagrammer, and I stumbled across this inspiring woman Cassandra Michelin aka @liveitdoit . She also has a website which is http://www.liveitdoit.com.au. She has founded this wonderful challenge for the month called ‘Sugar Free September”. Not just a photo a day challenge, but the idea of Sugarfree September is to educate yourself on the dangers of refined sugar products, have a look at ways you can remove them from your diet and replace them with heathier, but still just as sweet, alternatives.

You can just join in on instagram, or if you feel so inclined you can sign up for a FREE Renew food Journal in e book form. Follow the links on her website  🙂

In the ebook there is a great list of sweetners to avoid, and enjoy.

Some great sugar alternatives are raw honey, coconut sugar, fruits, barley malt syrup, maple syrup, dates, stevia and rapadura sugar.

I already eat very well, however it has made me take a closer look at the ingredients in the foods that I don’t prepare myself – eg my almond milk. Turns out it has agave syrup as the sweetener. Now, it is up to me to decide what i want to do about this.

Here’s to a Sugar free September!

Al xx

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